logo_cosmic_webThe COSMIC logo has been designed in 2015 by the Dutch designer Marc de Geus, creative director of internet bureau Memento. Marc also did the new design of the Nesma logo in 2014.
The icon is a stylized version of a drafting compass, representing the key part of the COSMIC organisation: measurement. The drafting compass measures the distance between the 0 and 1 in the COSMIC acronym, symbolizing the software domain in which the COSMIC method operates. The fact that the stylized drafting compass is symmetrical stands for the balanced nature of the method, that is founded on solid software engineering principles. The exact nature of the COSMIC method is further accentuated by the color combination of blue and dark fuchsia. The two legs of the drafting compass are positioned in an overlay to create depth. The use of a gradient in the colors adds to this effect. It also creates the effect that the legs seem to be walking forward. This effect is enhanced by the arc in the icon, that stands for the upward and forward trend in the development of the COSMIC method and its use. The round characteristics of the font that is used in the wordmark, combined with the sharp and solid lines used in the icon is distinctive and creates a solid ground for the rest of the corporate identity.
The logo should always be used as the combination of the icon and the wordmark. The icon should only be used in social media where that distinguish between an icon and a full logo.