Since 2018, COSMIC has issuing awards to those who make an important contribution to COSMIC Software Measurement:

Past winners

In 2018, during the IWSM conference in Beijing, COSMIC presented a life-time achievement award to Charles Symons. Charles is one of the founders of the COSMIC method and has dedicated much effort in developing the method into the world standard it is today.

During the 2019 IWSM Conference in Haarlem COSMIC has presented two awards to honour activities that help to progress the COSMIC method for sizing software.
The winner of the research award was Gabriele De Vito, for his research on the Design and automation of a COSMIC measurement procedure based on UML models.  The winner of the certification award is CEPREI. CEPREI grew out of the inspection division of China Electronic Product Reliability and Environmental Research Institute, which is the first scientific research organization at national level engaged in product quality and reliability research in China.

Upcoming opportunities

In 2020, the IWSM Mensura conference has been held in Mexico.