Newsletter March 12th, 2024

COSMIC has representatives in thirty countries that act as a first point of contact in the region for people who are interested in using the COSMIC method.

We are pleased to announce Mariam Haoues’s nomination as Tunesia’s second representative.  We now have two representatives in Tunesia: Asma Sellami and Mariam Haoues.

We are pleased to announce that professor Ernest Mnkandla’s nomination as South Africa’s second representative. We now have two representatives in South Africa: Bram Meyerson and Ernest Mnkandla.

Bernard Londeix, a long-time representative of France as IAC, recently announced his retirement. We want to thank Bernard for all his efforts to promote COSMIC in France for many years and wish him a good retirement.  So Patrick Hamon is now the only representative in France.

In Poland, Jarek Świerczek is replacing Beata Czarnacka-Chrobot as the representative of Poland.  We want to thank Beata Czarnacka-Chrobot for all the time she gave to promote COSMIC in Poland.

Information on the local representation of the COSMIC organization by means of the IAC can be found on the COSMIC website: