COSMIC has an active community of volunteers, working together to advance the COSMIC method. There are a number of permanent committees:

  • International Advisory Council (IAC) is the advisory board for the Executive Committee. The IAC consists of representatives of COSMIC to over twenty countries
  • Measurement Practices Committee (MPC) is the guardian of the principles and rules of the COSMIC method
  • Certification Committee is responsible for creating, organizing and overseeing the COSMIC certification exams
  • Education Committee is responsible for developing university training material
  • Benchmarking Committee organizes and promotes the collection of COSMIC data for the independent ISBSG database
  • Marketing Committee is responsible for the promotion of the COSMIC method, with the aim of ensuring its successful adoption worldwide
  • Interactive Media Committee maintains all media that is used to distribute and promote the COSMIC method

Next to the permanent committees there are a number of ad hoc teams to create specific products, like guides or case studies.