In Brazil the COSMIC organization is represented by Guilherme Siqueira Simões and Rodrigo Vidal.
Guilherme Siqueira Simões is director of FATTO Software Consulting, a company stablished in Brazil since 1998 which offers consulting and training services on software measurement, estimation and requirements. Guilherme is graduated on computer science (1997) and post-graduated on business management (2000) and has more than twenty years of experience on software development projects. He is a certified professional on function points by COSMIC (CC-FL) and IFPUG (CFPS), on project management (PMP) by PMI, on requirements engineering (CPRE-FL) by IREB and on software testing (CTFL) by ISTQB.
You can contact Guilherme at guilherme.simoes(at)
Rodrigo de Assis Vidal is a metrics analyst at TI Metricas. TI Metricas is one of the leading companies in the field of functional size measurement in Brazil. Rodrigo has about ten years experience in applying various functional size measurement techniques for different types of customer organziations.
You can contact Rodrigo at [email protected].

For your convenience, you can find all documents we have in Portuguese in the Portuguese section of the Knowledge Base. Local news on the use of COSMIC in Brazil can be found on the site of COSMIC Brasil.

Commercial partners in Brazil