New Zealand

In New Zealand the COSMIC organization is represented by Miguel Morales.
Miguel has a PhD in Computer Science from the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM). He worked as an assistant professor at the Faculty of Science at UNAM (2010-2017). In parallel, he spent several years working in the industry as a Business Analyst, SQA, and Project and Product Manager. He founded and directed a software startup until 2017, when he joined the Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering at the University of Canterbury (New Zealand) as a Lecturer.

He has been a member of major standardization bodies such as the Object Management Group and the ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 7 Software and Systems Engineering subcommittee. He is also involved as a reviewer for international journals and conferences.

Miguel’s main research area is Software Quality, particularly software process improvement and product management. Miguel’s most recent research focused on Gamification in Computer Science and Software Engineering education. He is also interested in IT Project Management, Sustainability, and Databases.

You can contact Miguel at [email protected].