South Africa

In South Africa the COSMIC organization is represented by:
Ernest Mnkandla Ernest Mnkandla is currently Professor in the School of Computing, College of Science, Engineering and Technology at the University of South Africa. Ernest Mnkandla received a PhD in Electrical Engineering (Thesis was in software engineering) from the University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa. He is passionate about software engineering and the development of quality software. He has excellent skills for teaching software development technologies and the technologies for the management quality in the software engineering process and projects.
His research interest includes machine learning applied to Software development projects processes, software delivery pipeline processes, Internet of Things, and Big data analytics in a smart cities context.
bram-meyerson Bram Meyerson is the founder of QuantiMetrics, a boutique research and advisory practice specialising in de-risking and optimising software development and implementation. QuantiMetrics sizes, estimates, assesses and benchmarks software delivery and support and values software assets.
Bram leads the provision a range of data driven diagnostic services all aimed at improving efficiencies, reducing risk, reducing cost, enhancing quality and optimising profitability. He has pioneered intercompany confidential yet highly comparable benchmarking in the software development and financial services industries. The insights gleaned from these studies and collective research are made available to his clients to support their IT and business process improvements and to guide their predictive modeling and cost estimation.
He is an advocate of a contemporary approach to project and enterprise-wide risk (ERM) management and facilitates assessments and ERM implementations. He promotes a paradigm shift to measuring and managing risk to enhance the bottom line. With the emergence of combined assurance these solutions span Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC).
Bram also analyses causes of profit leakage by using sophisticated virtulisation software. This allows his clients to identify the sources of profit generation and erosion and leave them with actionable insights to boost their returns. This analysis is particularly useful to organisations with multiple and at times complex pricing plans for both services and products.
You can contact Bram at bram.meyerson @