International Advisory Council

The roles of the IAC are:

  • To advise the Officers on policy and the future direction of COSMIC activities;
  • To act as a local point of contact for people who seek information and advice about the COSMIC method in their respective countries.

Therefore the roles of the individual IAC members are:

  • To actively help promote the COSMIC method within their country by, for example, organizing a national COSMIC Special Interest Group, translating COSMIC material into the national language(s), etc;
  • To help distribute news about COSMIC in their country, for instance by forwarding the COSMIC newsletter to appropriate channels and communities.
  • To help promote periodical benchmarking initiatives initiated by the COSMIC organization;
  • To report annually on any significant progress, to the President, for the purpose of keeping the COSMIC community informed and for possible communications externally;
  • To be the formal member class with respect to the Canada NFP Act, which requires a member class with formal rights of vote;
  • To vote on official decisions, including but not limited to the changes to this Constitution, policies, significant investments, appointments, liquidation of COSMIC, etc., either at the Annual Meeting or by any electronic vote.

An IAC member is appointed to be a representative of COSMIC in their country, not a representative of their country to COSMIC.
Check this page to find a COSMIC representative near you.