In Colombia the COSMIC organization is represented by Adriana Támara Cortínez.
Adriana Támara Cortínez is a consultant with 12 years of experience in software development projects, dedicated to metrics engineering.
She is currently responsible for productivity projects/services at LedaMC, a leading software measurement company and collaborator on projects linked to LATAM. She began her studies at the EAFIT University (Medellín-Colombia), culminating in the University of Alcalá (Madrid-Spain). She is CCFL (Cosmic Certification Foundation Level v5.0).
She has participated in the definition, implementation and operation of software development productivity models, productivity benchmarking and software project estimation models.
She is an engineer professionally dedicated to applying the different functional size measurement methodologies, mainly (COSMIC, IFPUG and Nesma), with the best practices. Adriana Támara joined the International Advisory Council in 2022.
You can contact Adriana Támara at [email protected].
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