Each year COSMIC organises and sponsors a software estimation challenge. There are two types of challenges:

  1. Practitioner’s challenges. Intended for professional software estimating teams.
  2. Student’s challenges. Intended for teams of university students.

The challenges are open to everyone and are held remotely. For the student’s challenge prizes are awarded. The practitioners compete for eternal glory.

Test and demonstrate you and your team’s estimation skills

How it works

  • In the Practitioner’s challenge the competing teams receive a set of requirements four weeks in advance. During the challenge they get limited time to present their estimate to a jury. The jury decides which team wins the competition.
  • In the Student’s challenge the competing teams receive background information on the case and then have 3 hours to complete all estimation steps and submit their estimates. A jury decides which team has performed best.

Interested in participating this year?

Team leaders must register their team by April 25, 2024

1st prize 500 EUR

2nd prize 300 EUR

3rd prize 200 EUR