Proven expertise in Early sizing with the COSMIC method

To make sure that you are dealing with a professional who has sufficient knowledge of Early and Quick sizing techniques with the COSMIC method, you can verify here whether this professional is certified by the COSMIC organization. All people who hold the COSMIC Certified CEQS Level certification are listed below. By default the professionals are  ordered by Country. You can use the arrows in the column titles to use a different sort order or you can use the search field to limit the results (for instance, only “Brazil”).

Certified ProfessionalCompanyDateCountry
Guilherme Siqueira SimõesFATTO2020/09Brazil
Luca SantilloAgile Metrics2020/09Italy
Jayakumar Kamala RamasubramaniAmitysoft2020/10India
Francisco Valdes SoutoSpingere2020/10Mexico

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