With the advent of large-scale software development came the need to better plan, monitor and control the economics of software development, including in new software development paradigms. The COSMIC organization has initiated four task forces to tackle current industry challenges in software measurement:

The 4 COSMIC taskforces are led by international experts in the respective areas of expertise:

Dr. Hassan Soubra Quantum software Dr. Sylvie Trudel         DevOps portfolio
 Dr. Ali Idri Artificial Intelligence software Dr. Thomas Fehlmann Technical Debt & Non-Functional Requirements

The involvement of experts from multiple countries is deemed crucial for achieving a comprehensive consensus. The availability and international recognition of standardized measurement standards for software sizing in emerging technological contexts are of practical interest to organizations, both small and large, on a global scale. To support its four Taskforce leaders, the COSMIC Group, in collaboration with ETS and the MITACS Elevation program, has enlisted the expertise of 2 post-doctoral researchers:

  • Dr. Tuna Hacaloglu (post-doc)
  • …… (post doc)

Leveraging of deliverables 

The results of this project will be widely disseminated by scientific publications and by the COSMIC group via contributions to standards, training activities, modifications to their professional certification programs, and state of the art COSMIC Students competitions. These deliverables can be incorporated into our software engineering and IT project management courses.

Long-term impacts & outcomes

The availability and international recognition of such standard measurement standards for sizing in Quantum, AI software, DevOps portfolio and Technical Debt & Non-Functional Requirements contexts is of practical interest to software organizations and their customer bases, for both small and large organizations at an international level.