Useful Sites on Software Metrics

There is a lot of information on software metrics available on the web, but where do you find the most valuable information? To help you get started we have selected some website links COSMIC considers useful.

AACE InternationalAssociation for the Advancement of Cost Engineering
Most of the really large heavy construction projects are supported by this organization. Although this organization supports primarily construction projects, software does play a role in these projects. From the perspective of risk approaches to project, cost and schedule, AACE has a compendium of extremely valuable approaches. AACE International is evolving its risk approach from a point classification system to parametric approaches that ICEAA has perfected.
ACMAssociation for Computing Machinery
The ACM explores the nature of software, and the challenges associated with a panorama of software topics. Understanding more about how software is built can only be additive to someone versed in measuring software.
AMMSAsociación Mexicana de Métricas de Software
Asociación Española de Métricas del Software
ASSEMIAssociation pour l'étude des métriques informatiques
BFPUGBrazilian Function Point Users Group
DASMADeutschsprachige Anwendergruppe für Software Metrik und Aufwandschätzung
FISMAFinnish Software Metrics Association
GUFPI-ISMAGruppo Utenti Function Point Italia -
Italian Software Metrics Association
ICEAAInternational Cost Estimating and Analysis Association
There are many large projects that are large military and government projects worldwide that are supported by ICEAA. Software plays a large part of many of these projects that have to be estimated. In addition, ICEAA has an extremely large heritage in the area of parametric risk methods as they relate to mulit-million dollar projects.
IFPUGInternational Function Point Users Group
IREBInternational Requirements Engineering Board
What makes a good software cost estimate? Good requirements. There is a close causal connection between the nature of requirements and measuring the size of software. The IREB is an excellent source for software estimators to better understand the evolving software requirements process.
ISBSGInternational Software Benchmarking Standards Group
JFPUGJapan Function Point Users Group
MAINMetrics Associations International Network
NesmaNesma, the Netherlands
QESPQuantitative Enterprise Software Performance
UKSMAUnited Kingdom Software Metrics Association