Education Committee

To support the acceptance of the COSMIC method the Education Committee will develop teaching material at the university level. Material for various levels of learning will be addressed:

  • Introduction of COSMIC concepts and related usage, for management related topics
  • Introduction to COSMIC measurements rules with small examples, for software estimating topics
  • More detailed COSMIC measurement rules for the actual measurement of projects

The university training material will include four components:

  • Reading material
  • Teaching material, possibly including video material
  • Small exercises
  • Exam questions

The materials will first be developed in English.
The Chair of the Education Committee is Nelly Condori – Fernandez.
Other members of the Education Committee are:

  • Manar Abu Talib (United Arab Emirates)
  • Sanae Saadaoui (Belgium)
  • Asma Sellami (Tunisia)
  • Sylvie Trudel (Canada)
  • Monica Villavicencio (Ecuador)

The Education Committee will work in cross collaboration with the Certification Committee.
Presentation material on the COSMIC method can be found on our SlideShare.