Costa Rica

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In Costa Rica the COSMIC organization is represented by Esteban Sanchez.

Born and raised in the tropical Costa Rica, Esteban Sanchez spent the first 10 years of his career as software developer and project manager for mission critical embedded software and hardware applications. Some of the software he developed and managed is currently flying on the 787 Dreamliner aircraft from Boeing and some other aircrafts. He currently performs as senior Cost Estimation Consultant at Galorath Incorporated.

Esteban graduated from the Costa Rican Institute of Technology with bachelor’s degree in Electronics Engineering in 2005, and later from the Costa Rican National University where he obtained his Masters in Software and IT Project Management with honors. Esteban is also a Certified SCRUM Master from the SCRUM Alliance, PMI Project Management Professional Certified as well as COSMIC and IFPUG Function Point specialist. His expertise includes development, project management, risk analysis, measurement and estimation for software and IT projects, Earned Value Management, Agile and Dev Ops. Throughout his career, Esteban has helped customers in the banking, retail, healthcare, mining, aerospace and defense industries to successfully estimate projects.  Esteban joined Galorath in 2011, where he currently performs as Senior Cost Estimation Consultant, helping customers around the world to be successful at estimating software, hardware and IT projects. Esteban is also a frequent international speaker at the major Function Points and Cost Estimation venues.

You can contact Esteban at [email protected].
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