In Poland the COSMIC organization is represented by Jaroslaw Swierczek.
JarekSwierczek Jarek has over twenty years of experience as an IT specialist and IT manager in IT projects of various scales, from small to very large. He has extensive experience in implementing the function points methods in the IFPUG and COSMIC methods, both on the part of the IT service providers and on the part of the IT service providers. He lectures on the methods of functional points at universities.
Jarek has many years of experience in training and workshops on the methods of Function Points and analysis of the adaptation of the methods of Function Points to the specificity of a given project in legal, functional and technological aspects, as well as practice in the dimensioning of IT projects using both the initial and full methods of IFPUG and COSMIC.
He is an active participant of international conferences on software measurement. He is also an official international COSMIC advisor to COSMIC in Poland on behalf of COSMIC and co-founder and former President of the Polish Software Measures Association.
You can contact Jarek at jaroslaw.swierczek @ cosmic-sizing.org