In China the COSMIC organization is represented by Dylan Ren and Wang Xing.
Dylan Ren, graduated from Shandong University in Master of Software Engineering, is the general manager of Measures Technology LLC. and Shanghai Agilezone Management Consulting company, a chief consultant of Measures Technology, a senior training lecturer of Agilezone Consulting, and an experienced expert in the domains of development management, quality management and process improvement. Dylan has 28 years of experience in software engineering and 23 years of experience in process improvement. He has participated and managed over 30 software projects. Dylan has provided excellent consulting and training service to more than 500 companies since 2005.

Dylan is a member of COSMIC MPC and COSMIC IAC, the Chairman of COSMIC in China and a certified COSMIC analyst. He is also a certified CMMI-DEV high maturity lead appraiser, CMMI Intro instructor and a member of CAC (CMMI in China). In addition, Dylan is a certified Scrum Master and a consultant in SAFe.


“Tao and Art –Software Process Improvement Guidance” in 2014

“Software Project Estimation” Chinese translation in 2019

“Tao and Art –CMMI V2.0 Practice Guidance” in 2020

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Mr. Wang Xing, a senior engineer, has worked at China Mobile Design Institute for over 20 years. He is currently responsible for digital and intelligent solutions, software workload evaluation, and has rich experience in communication system engineering consulting and design.
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