In France the COSMIC organization is represented by Bernard Londeix and Patrick Hamon.
BernardLondeix Bernard Londeix is Director of Telmaco.

After his graduation in 1968 from ENSERG, the French engineering school, Bernard Londeix has been contributing to a large set of French and British IT software and services companies. These were covering mainframes systems, telecommunication, then Banks, Financial and Insurance companies and Governments institutions. Bernard trusts that software development shall be measured and managed by measurements with COSMIC being the preferred method. Bernard would now favour projects that would bring COSMIC to its next level as integral part of the DevOps process.

You can contact Bernard at bernard.londeix(at)

With 35 years of experience in software engineering, Patrick Hamon is an expert in software development, sizing and estimation best practices. Patrick guides large companies through application outsourcing management and software project estimation, especially for the use of artificial intelligence techniques.
Patrick graduated with a master’s degree in Computer Science (1986), a master’s degree in Artificial Intelligence (1987) and a degree in Business Management in 2005.
Patrick Hamon and his team are deeply involved in promoting Cosmic on the french speaking market, and help translate the methodology, provide training and certification services.
You can contact Patrick at patrick.hamon(at)

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