In Jordan the COSMIC organization is represented by Khalid Al-Sarayreh.
Khalid Al-Sarayreh started his career with the Hashemite University since 2011.  He is now an Associate Professor of Software Engineering at the Hashemite University in Jordan since December 2016. He has a PhD degree in Software Engineering from The University of Québec in Canada. He also has a Doctoral degree in Computer Information Systems, MSc in Computer Engineering (Embedded Systems) and BS degree in Computer Science from Jordanian Universities. He served during 28 years in both national and international institutions, such as KADDB (King Abdullah II Design and Development Bureau), Jordan University, Faculty of Information Technology at the Applied Sciences University (Jordan), (GELOG Lab) at the University of Quebec in Montreal as a software engineering researcher. With over 80 publications, his research interests include: Software Quality Engineering, Software Quality Assurance using international standards, Software Requirements (Functional and Nonfunctional requirements), Software Measurement, Software Reuse, Software Engineering Standards (ECSS, IEEE and ISO).

You can contact Khalid at khalid.alsarayreh @