An Empirical Study on the Likelihood of Adoption in Practice of a Size Measurement Procedure

Condori-Fernández, N., Pastor, O.

Software size is one of the essential parameters of
the estimation models used for project management
purposes, and therefore being able to measure the size
of software at an early stage of the development
lifecycle is in theory of crucial importance. However,
although some proposals for functional size
measurement in industry do currently exist, there is as
yet little validating evidence for such proposals.
This paper describes an empirical study, based on
the Method Evaluation Model (MEM), of users’
perceptions resulting from actual experience of use of
a measurement procedure called RmFFP. This
procedure was designed in accordance with the
COSMIC-FFP standard method for estimating the
functional size of object-oriented systems from
requirements specifications obtained in the context of
the OO-Method approach.
In addition, an analysis of MEM relationships was
also carried out using the regression analysis

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