Manage the automotive embedded software development cost & productivity with the automation of a Functional Size Measurement Method (COSMIC)

Oriou, A., Bronca, E., Bouzid, B., Guetta, O., Guillard. K.

Year after year, more and more cars’ functionalities are performed by software: electrical vehicle,
multimedia, connectivity with the outside world and so on. As its software development costs are
increasing, Renault decided to develop metrics and an estimation process in order to be able to predict its
software costs early in the vehicle or power-train project. At the same time, Renault is working with its
major Electronic Control Units suppliers to contract with them on the basis of software metrics. After
different studies, Renault chose the COSMIC method as its embedded software metric. COSMIC is for
COmmon Software Measurement International Consortium, and is also the name of a Functional Size
Measurement (FSM) method, ISO standard since 2003. To make its measurement process robust,
Renault has decided to automate the functional size measurement.

Publishing date
ERTS 2014
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