We are pleased to announce the appointment for a term of three years, from November 2016 to October 2019 of:

  • Cíntia Aguiar Batista as one of the two COSMIC IAC representatives to Brazil, in replacement of Mr. Mauricio Aguiar, and
  • Christof Ebert as one of the two COSMIC IAC representatives to Germany, in replacement of Mr. Günter Büren.

Cíntia Batista

Cíntia Aguiar Batista holds a bachelor degree in Information Systems (2007) and an MBA in Software Engineering with a focus on Projects (2008). Among other certifications, Cíntia is a COSMIC CCFL and an IFPUG CFPS. She has worked for TI Métricas as a measurement specialist since 2013, with excellent performance and results.

Christof Ebert

Christof is managing director at Vector Consulting Services. He supports clients around the world to improve product strategy and product development and to manage organizational changes. Prior to that, he held international senior management positions for twelve years. A trusted advisor for companies around the world and a member of industry boards, Dr. Ebert is a professor at the University of Stuttgart and Sorbonne at Paris, and authored several books including his most recent book “Global Software and IT” published by Wiley. He was one of the first industry users of COSMIC and ever since helped to further industrialize the COSMIC method on a global scope. Many Fortune 100 companies have already used his competence to improve their performance and competitiveness and lead strategy and change programs.
With our sincere thanks to Mr. Mauricio Aguiar and Mr. Günter Büren for their years of valuable contributions to the COSMIC community.