Towards the Adoption of International Standards in Enterprise Architecture Measurement

International Conference on Data Science eLearning and Information Systems, Dec. 2-5, 2019, Dubai, UAE

Abdallah, A., Abran, A., Abdallah, B.

Literature on Enterprise Architecture (EA) report that EA is an emerging discipline with an increasing attention from both academia and industry. However, the literature report on some challenges in EA research. For instance, EA modelling and EA measurement. In this paper, the authors aim to assist the EA community to overcome the challenges found in EA measurement, and enhance the adoption of knowledge from mature disciplines. Therefore, and to their knowledge, this paper is the first attempt to adopt two (2) international standards: ArchiMate as a standard language for EA modelling, and Common Software Measurement International Consortium (COSMIC) as a measurement method standard. The paper outlines the adoption (referred to as mapping process), and propose accordingly a novel EA measurement approach based on these two (2) international standards. Since the proposed approach is based on recognized international standards, it is expected that the approach can be handy for EA practitioners, and easy to adopt by organizations. The paper describes a demonstrative example from the insurance industry using the novel measurement approach, and concludes with future research avenues.

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