The Effect of Highlighting Error Categories in FSM Training on the Accuracy of Measurement

Ertugrul, A.M., Yilmaz, G., Salmanoglu, M., Demirors, O.

As various software management activities including cost estimation and project control are conducted based on the software size measurement, achieving high accuracy in functional size measurement (FSM) is critical. Several studies examined the relation between FSM training and improvement in the accuracy of FSM. However, those studies propose comprehensive frameworks and approaches that require fundamental changes in the training content. In this study, we analyzed the effect of highlighting error categories during training by extracting the errors throughout four years. We showed that, highlighting the frequent error categories during the same training period without a fundamental change in the content would significantly decrease the error rate. The results of the research we conducted are promising about the improvement of measurement accuracy.

Publishing date
IWSM 2014
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