Guideline for ‘Measurement Strategy Patterns’ v1.0

Ensuring that COSMIC size measurements may be compared

Symons, C.R.

The purpose of this Guideline is to describe, for each of several different types of software, a standard set of parameters for measuring software sizes, called a ‘measurement strategy pattern’, which we abbreviate to ‘measurement pattern’ for convenience. Measuring sizes using a standard measurement pattern should help ensure consistency across all the purposes for which the sizes may be used, e.g. performance measurement, benchmarking and project estimating,
A measurement pattern is actually a template for a standard set of parameters (type of functional users and level of decomposition for a given functional domain) that must be determined during the Measurement Strategy phase of the COSMIC measurement process. Consistent use of measurement patterns will therefore not only help ensure comparability of measurements but will support and save time in the Strategy phase of a measurement.

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