Guideline for Sizing Real-time Software v2.0

Abran, A., Desharnais, J.-M., Lesterhuis, A., Symons, C.R.

This shorter version complies with Measurement Manual v4.0.2. Some sections that were considered to be not-essential have been left out. A list of major changes from the previous version 1.1.2 to version 2.0 is given in the Guideline Change History.
This guideline concerns the measurement of ‘real-time’ software, where we use this term in a broad sense. We also include any software whose operation is controlled by a clock mechanism. The COSMIC method can be used to measure the functionality of all these various types of ‘real-time’ software. (However, it should be noted that a specific timing constraint, or ‘deadline’ such as ‘all commands must be satisfied within 1 millisecond’ is a non-functional requirement).

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