Design of a Functional Size Measurement Procedure for a Model-Driven Software Development Method

Marín, B., Condori-Fernández, N., Pastor, O.

The capability to accurately quantify the size of software developed
with a Model-Driven Development (MDD) method is critical to software
project managers for evaluating risks, developing project estimates, and having
early project indicators. This paper presents a measurement procedure defined
according to the last version of the ISO 19761 standard measurement method.
The measurement procedure has been designed to measure the functional size
of object-oriented applications generated from their conceptual models by
means of model transformations. The measurement procedure is structured in
three phases: the strategy phase, where the purpose of the measurement is
defined; the mapping phase, where the elements of the conceptual model that
contribute to the functional size are selected; and the measurement phase, where
the functional size of the generated application is obtained.

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