Automating the Measurement of Functional Size of Conceptual Models in an MDA Environment

Marín, B., Pastor, O., Giachetti, G.

The manual measurement of functional size is generally very timeconsuming
and has many precision errors. For this reason, it is necessary to
automate the measurement process to obtain a solution that can be applied in a
MDA industrial development. The OO-Method COSMIC Function Points
(OOmCFP) is a measurement procedure that has been designed to measure the
functional size of object-oriented applications generated from their conceptual
models by means of model transformations. This work presents the definition of
the mechanisms that are necessary to automate the OOmCFP procedure. This
work also presents the OOmCFP tool that implements the OOmCFP procedure.
Since this tool measures the functional size of industrial applications generated
in MDA environments from their conceptual models, it is not necessary to
perform the measurement task on the final code. The OOmCFP tool
incorporates the benefits that the COSMIC measurement method provides.
These benefits are demonstrated through a comparative analysis.

Publishing date
PROFES 2008 , 9th international conference on Product-Focused Software Process Improvement
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