Functional Size Measurement in Agile

Fehlmann, Th.M.

In Agile Software Development, history points provide the effort needed to implement a user history up to the “Definition of Done” (DoD). Then, story points can be applied to track the progress of a software product under development. One of the main disadvantages of using them is that they do not provide any metrics to measure sprint performance that can be used to estimate the number of sprints needed to create or modify a product.
A more promising way to measure sprints is to use functional size counts determined by IFPUG or COSMIC. Both methods give very useful results when interpreted correctly.
This Webinar proposes a method of measuring the performance of the agile team, based on both sprint measurement and measurement of how the product evolves from vision to executable product. Both main functional sizing methods – IFPUG and COSMIC – are applied for the same sample product development.

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