UKSMA Autumn Conference
7 September 2018 in London
Requirements and Measurement

Call for Papers

This conference focuses on perhaps the most important item, the Statements of Requirements (SOR). The SOR can of course take many forms to satisfy the needs of various stakeholders. The aim is to explore the forms requirements take, the stakeholder needs they are designed to address, and the measurement required to extract and present the information.

The conference affords the opportunity to share experiences, ideas, academic papers, case studies, and strategies for defining requirements at various stages (e.g. procurement, development, test, support) , extracting the information the stakeholders need at each stage; analyzing the information and presenting to enable them to make decisions;
We are looking for submissions that will help give attendees practical views, ideas and experience in the ‘how to do’ as well as the ‘what to do’. The scope of the conference and the topics to be covered are given below; however we will consider submissions closely related submissions.
Requirements Engineering

  • Quality of requirements
  • Standards in Requirements Definition
  • Defining Requirements that are measurable


  • Functional Size from Natural Language requirements
  • Functional Size from Syntax-Compliant Software requirements
  • Functional Size from artefacts of development

Practical Metrics for:

  • Effort Estimation
  • Cost estimation
  • Test Effort Estimation
  • Management of Agile projects

You are invited to submit papers or presentations to [email protected] Please submit a a précis (text of between 12 to 18 lines summarising your presentation. Each presenter has 45 minutes, including 10 minutes for questions.

Deadline for Précis submission: 25 June 2018

Notification of acceptance: 25 July 2018

Submission of Final Presentations: 23 Aug 2018