Dear All,
The Measurement Practices Committee is pleased to issue version 4.0.2 of the COSMIC Measurement Manual. This version takes into account MUBs 12 (clarification of ‘functional user’), 13 (clarification of ‘object of interest’ and new rules for identifying them) and 14 (clarification of ‘triggering event’) and several editorial improvements. It introduces no changes in the method’s basic principles. The only changes affect definitions and rules and are all designed to improve ease of understanding and measurement repeatability.
For better readability the font size has been changed from Arial 10 to 11pt. The section titles can be shown via the bookmark icon at the left
 A full list of all changes from  v4.0.1 to v4.0.2 is given in Appendix E.
 We hope users of the COSMIC method will find this version easier to understand.