COSMIC is very pleased to present the Annual Report 2016. A lot has been achieved with the COSMIC method in the past year.
Some of the highlights that we want to share with you:

  • International cooperation, next to metrics associations like IFPUG and Nesma, also with:
    • ICEAA, the International Cost Estimation & Analysis Association, that is setting up a Software Cost Estimation Body of Knowledge with a certification program
    • NIST, the US National Institute of Standards and Technology, that is looking for generally applicable IT Standards
    • COCOMO, the Constructive Cost Model of the University of Southern California, that is thinking about including COSMIC in their CoCoMo III model
    • China SPI, the Chinese organization for Software Process Improvement, that is adopting the COSMIC standard as a national Chinese standard
  • Strong interest from the real-time communities
  • World-wide 108 new Entry-level certificate holders
  • A guideline has been published on conversion of First Generation methods to COSMIC
  • Two new case studies have been published and the Rice Cooker case study has been revised

The report also contains country reports from 18 countries with some interesting initiatives to promote the COSMIC method:

  • Develop a COSMIC Case Study (Tunisia)
  • Get COSMIC accepted as a national standard (Mexico) or as part of other accepted methods (USA)
  • Host the IWSM conference (Germany) or the next (Sweden)
  • Organize a webinar on COSMIC in your own language (Brazil)
  • Set up a Special Interest Group (UK and Mexico)
  • Small meetings with power users (Brazil)
  • Translate COSMIC documents to your language (Italy)
  • Write articles on the possibilities of the COSMIC method (Mexico)
  • Write COSMIC pages on Wikipedia (Germany)

Please enjoy reading this report. Get inspired by the activities of other members and share this with your networks.
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