We are giving more and more opportunities to people who want to be certified in the COSMIC method and to take the examination on-line, in their own language, anywhere in the world.
In the next few weeks there will be five online certifications exams, each in a different language, in a different country. They are:

  • a Chinese language exam in Shanghai organized by Barly Xu ([email protected])
  • a Polish language exam in Poland organized by Michal Gadomski ([email protected])
  • a Spanish language exam in Mexico organized by Francisco Valdés Souto [email protected])
  • an exam in Italian or English in Milan on November 25th. It is an open certification exam. Contact Luca Santillo ([email protected] ) for details;
  • and an English language certification exam in USA with Bruce Reynolds ([email protected])

It is also possible to take a certification exam in Portuguese.  In the future others languages will be added and we will keep you informed.
Those persons regularly organize certification exam in their country.  You can contact them if you are interested.  If you are from another country, you can contact me as responsible of the Certification Committee Chair.
Jean-Marc Desharnais, Certification Committee Chair
[email protected]