Valve Control Case Study v1.0.1

Abran, A., O’Neill, M., Khelifi, A., Roy, C., Symons, C.R.

The Valve Control system is documented in the ISO technical report: ISO/IEC TR 14143-4 (Version 2000). The purpose of this ISO document is to provide publicly available sets of requirements to researchers and practitioners to be used as input for measuring functional sizes of software.
The Valve Control system used in this case study corresponds to set RUR B.9 of this ISO document. This set RUR B.9 documents the requirements for a real-time system to control the behaviour of a control valve: the control valve is open by default and closes to engage the gear change mechanism of an automatic transmission installed in a land
Version 1.0 updated to 1.0.1 to align with Measurement Manual version 4.0.2: outdated document style adjusted, context diagram redrawn, ‘Cfsu’ replaced by ‘CFP’. No changes in content.

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