Using COSMIC-FFP for sizing, estimating and planning in an ERP environment

Vogelezang, F.

Triggered by new European legislation the Dutch Office for Regulations decided to
renew major parts of their IT landscape with Oracle’s E-Business Suite. They
expect that this packaged solution offers the possibility of quick implementation of
new business processes.
For the implementation of new regulations and the redesign of existing ones, a
software factory was set up with three production lines implementing processchains.
Because of the nature of the documentation COSMIC-FFP was used to size
the process-chains to be implemented. The measured functional size was used to
support the cost estimation and the planning process.
This experience shows that COSMIC-FFP can be used to size, estimate and plan
an ERP implementation with a high degree of parameterisation. Since this kind of
implementation differs in a number of ways from an average implementation of
packaged software future research is necessary.

Publishing date
IWSM 2006
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