Towards the Development of a Defect Detection Requirements Tool for COSMIC Functional Size Measurement

Yilmaz, G., Tunalilar, S., Demirors, O.

Reliability of functional size measurement is very crucial since software management activities such as cost and budget estimations, process benchmarking and project control depend on software size measurements. In order to improve the reliability of functional size measurements, they should be controlled and reviewed at the end of the measurement process. However, manual inspection for detecting defects and errors of measurements is time and effort consuming and there is always a possibility of missing a defect. To overcome such problems we developed a tool, for detecting defects of COSMIC functional size measurements automatically. In this study, we presented the process of developing the tool, R-COVER, and the results of the case studies conducted for analyzing the efficiency of the tool in terms of correctness and accuracy.

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IWSM 2013
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