Selection of a functional sizing methodology

A telecommunications company case study

Bağrıyanık, S., Karahoca, A., Ersoy, E.

Functional size measurement is a very powerful tool for information technology practitioners since it’s output is an invaluable information and used for several purposes. For instance functional size is vital in measurement of productivity and quality. It’s also an important indicator in software projects cost estimation. However usage of functional sizing methodologies is not widespread in software industry and rollout within companies is still a big challange. This study focuses on the selection process of a functional sizing methodology in the context of a telecommunications company. It investigates the factors influencing sizing methodology selection decision and experienced issues in the course of proof of concept project. A case study was conducted measuring more than 40 projects from a Turkish telecommunications company using COSMIC and IFPUG methodologies as two candidates. After evaluations, the selected method within company was COSMIC.

Publishing date
World Conference on Innovation and Computer Sciences (INSODE-2014)
Global Journal on Technology
COSMIC version