COSMIC/ISBSG Global Benchmarking 2014/15 Initiative

The Performance of Real-Time, Business Application and Component Software Projects. An analysis of COSMIC-measured projects in the ISBSG database.

Heeringen, H.S. van

With the publication of version 5.0 of the COSMIC Functional Size Measurement Method, the method reached a new level of maturity and stability. Many organizations worldwide value the method for measuring performance, estimating and benchmarking their IT projects. In the new release of the ISBSG ‘new developments and enhancements’ repository over 500 projects measured in COSMIC are present. Although this is a significant number that would fulfil most of the analysis and benchmarking needs of most organizations, we feel that a new initiative could be very valuable. Today, there are so many users that we should be able to gather enough data to establish much more refined benchmarks, thus adding much greater value to those submitting data and to the user community in general.

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