The Polish Government ‘Komitet Rady Ministrów do spraw cyfryzacji’ (= the Committee of Ministers for Digitization Matters) has announced that it has decided to adopt ‘function point methods’ as ‘compulsory for new IT projects encompassing IT tenders exceeding 2.3 Million Euros’ (about US$ 2.6 Million).
The information including the slide deck (all in Polish) is here : The presentation to the Committee was held jointly by a representative of CBA (Central Anticorruption Bureau) and Tomasz Kasprzycki representing the Ministry.
The arguments for adopting this approach were based primarily on the value of properly controlling IT projects. The COSMIC method has been in use in Polish Government outsourced software projects for several years.
(This News item has been corrected from the version posted on 22nd April, which wrongly stated that the Polish Government preferred the COSMIC method. Also the presentation was made partly by Tomasz Kasprzycki, not Tomasz Gadomski. I sincerely apologise for these two errors.   Charles Symons.)