Win a $200 report with COSMIC project data
The International Software Benchmarking Standards Group (ISBSG) is a not for profit organization that collects industry data of completed projects in order to enable the industry to use relevant and current data for better decision making. In order to extend the amount of benchmark data based on COSMIC (currently about 10% of the collected data) ISBSG needs your help.
ISBSG and COSMIC have created a short (12 questions) web-based questionnaire to submit data about a completed software project. Please enter the data as accurately as possible and help extending the COSMIC-based dataset that is used by software professionals and researchers all over the world as an independent benchmark.
We appreciate your data very much and you can be sure the data remains absolutely anonymous. In return for your submission, you will receive a free benchmark report worth $200 if you specify an e-mail address.
Submit your data NOW and get a personal benchmark for FREE.