There was a rich collection of COSMIC-related papers presented at the International Workshop on Software Measurement held earlier this month in Krakow, Poland (see details below).
My personal impressions of the key themes from the conference were:
 A lot of concern about how to deal with non-functional requirements in software project performance measurement and estimating;
 A lot of interest in automation of COSMIC functional size measurement;
 Several reports of good industrial experience of using measurements to control price/performance in outsourced software supply relationships.
Most of the material from the conference is now available:
 Pictures taken during the conference can be viewed on Flickr at
 Presentations from the conference and the workshops can be viewed on SlideShare at
 The best reviewed papers are available on Springer at
 Additional papers will be published in the Annals of the Collegium of Economic Analysis early next year at
The following COSMIC-related papers were presented.
‘A functional size measurement approach to bridge the gap between problem and solution domains’, Demirors, Ungan
‘A process to improve the accuracy of MkII to COSMIC size conversion that gives insight into COSMIC method assumptions’, Dasgupta, Gencel, Symons
‘Accounting for non-functional and project requirements: COSMIC and IFPUG developments’, Ben-C’Naan, Symons
‘Automated functional size measurement for three-tier object relational mapping architectures’, Ozkan, Demirel
‘Automatic measurement of use cases with COSMIC’, Fehlmann
‘Benefits and challenges of measuring software size: early results in a large organization’, Bagriyanik, Demirors, Ozturk, Salmonoglu, Ungan
‘Case study of using COSMIC in large projects for Poland’s central government: purchaser point of view’, Stepien
‘Combining qualitative and quantitative software process evaluation: a proposed approach’, Trudel, Turcotte
‘Early or rapid COSMIC functional size measurement by using approximation approaches’, Vogelezang
‘Functional size measurement for processor load estimation in AUTOSAR’, movements’, Soubra, Abran, Sehit
‘Improving the COSMIC approximate sizing using fuzzy logic EPCU model’, Souto, Abran
‘Quantitative functional change impact analysis in activity diagrams: a COSMIC-based approach’, Haoues, Sellami, Ben-Abdallah, Elleuch Ben Ayed
‘Tips and hints for an effective COSMIC learning process gained form industry trainings’, Saadoui, Majchrowski, Ponsard
‘Using GUI modelling notation for COSMIC measurement of Entry and Exit data, Gadomski