The program of the IWSM Mensura 2015 conference is now final . The program contains a strong presence of COSMIC related material:


  • Accounting for Non-functional and Project requirements: COSMIC and IFPUG developments
    Charles Symons and Talmon Ben-Cnaan
  • A process to improve the accuracy of MkII FP to COSMIC size conversions that gives insights into the COSMIC method design assumptions
    Aveek Dasgupta, Cigdem Gencel and Charles Symons
  • Improving the COSMIC Approximate Sizing Using the Fuzzy Logic EPCU Model
    Francisco Valdés Souto and Alain Abran
  • Quantitative Functional Change Impact Analysis in Activity Diagrams: a COSMIC-based Approach
    Mariem Haoues, Asma Sellami, Hanêne Ben-Abdallah and Nourchène Elleuch Ben Ayed
  • Tips and Hints for an effective COSMIC Learning Processs gained from Industry Trainings
    Sanae Saadaoui, Annick Majchrowski and Christophe Ponsard
  • Case study of using COSMIC in large IT projects for Poland’s central goverment: Purchaser point of view
  • Practical aspects of using COSMIC and IFPUG in large IT projects for Poland’s central goverment projects: Supplier point of view
  • Using GUI modeling notation for COSMIC measurment of Entry and Exit data movements
    Michal Gadomski


  • COSMIC Masterclass
    Charles Symons
  • Early or Rapid COSMIC Functional Size Measurement by using approximation approaches
    Frank Vogelezang
  • Introducing and Training on COSMIC Convertibility Guideline
    Cigdem Gencel


COSMIC certification exam on Monday, October 5 from 10:00 – 12:00


Open COSMIC meeting on Sunday, October 4 from 16:00 – 19:00