Which COSMIC Base Functional Components are Significant in Estimating Web Application Development?

A Case Study

Buglione, L., Ferrucci, F., Gencel, C., Gravino, C., Sarro, F.

Estimation is still a challenging process for planning and managing software
projects. Often, estimates are being done on experiential or analogous basis or
using effort estimation models. Mostly, these approaches take software size (e.g.,
Lines of Code, Function Points, Object points) and other cost factors as the main
inputs to estimation. This study focuses on functional size based effort estimation
for Web application development and investigates the significance of the
functional sizes of each of the COSMIC Base Functional Component (BFC) types
in explaining the variation in the development effort. A case study was conducted
collecting data on 25 Web projects from a software organization. The results
show that the size of only one of the BFC Types can explain the variation in the
effort nearly as good as the total functional size.

Publishing date
IWSM/MetriKon/Mensura 2010
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