The Rice Cooker Revisited

Case Study in COSMIC Functional Size Measurement

Lavazza, L., Del Bianco, V.

UML models have been successfully used to support COSMIC-based
functional size measurement. UML-based measurement is of great interest for
industry, because of the popularity of the language. However, industry needs
well defined, easy to learn and apply methods. It is therefore necessary to
provide measurement procedures that are well defined, that require relatively
little effort and that are coherent with the COSMIC measurement rules, in order
to ease their adoption in enterprise environments. This paper contributes to such
goal: we show how to build UML models that are easy to measure according to
the COSMIC rules; we provide a case study based on the well-known example
of the rice cooker; we show how the usage of UML can actually improve the
practice of COSMIC measurement, by making the COSMIC measurement rules
applicable in a UML context.

Publishing date
Mensura 2009
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