Measurement Manual v5.0 Part 1: Principles, Definitions & Rules

Minor editing August 2021

Abran, A., Fagg, P., Lesterhuis, A.

This version 5.0 of the COSMIC Measurement Manual is not a change of the COSMIC method itself, but a re-organization of the documentation of the COSMIC measurement method.
Version 5.0 has no impact on past measurement results. It replaces version 4.0.2: it shortens version 4.0.2 while not modifying its substance in terms of measurement definitions, rules and guidance.

Part 1 of the COSMIC Measurement Manual document contains only reference material, i.e. what to do, as described in ISO 19761. For guidance developed by the COSMIC Group as to how to apply COSMIC to different situations refer to Part 2, and for examples, refer to Parts 3a, 3b and 3c. The COSMIC Group has also published additional documents to illustrate its use in various contexts contexts (Agile, Business Applications, Real-time, etc.) and technologies (SOA, Mobile, etc.)

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