Établissement d’un modèle d’estimation a posteriori de projets de maintenance de logiciels

Rapport de project présenté à l’École de Technologie Supérieure comme exigence partielle à l’obtention de la maîtrise en génie logiciel

Commeyne, C.

A close look into the historical estimated efforts of change requests made by a maintenance team using a custom implementation of the Planning Poker technic reveals important differences between planned effort and the actual effort: the volatility of these estimations makes it as if the estimation work done by the team is almost useless since the inaccuracy of the actual estimation process is 58%.
This project has used the COSMIC ISO standard 19761 to measure the functional size of the tasks. After designing a new estimation model using the functional size of the tasks and the actual effort, the inaccuracy of the estimation model has been lowered to 16.5 %. The new estimation model also shows that the team was able to implement the change requests at a constant pace all year long, one iteration after another. These findings call for a revision of the actual estimation process used by the team.

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