Design of a Functional Size Measurement Procedure for Real-Time Embedded Software Requirements Expressed using the Simulink Model

Soubra, H., Abran, A., Stern, S., Ramdan-Cherif, A.

To obtain the functional size of software and reduce measurement variance caused by the interpretations of individual measurers, a number of measurement procedures have been designed based on measurement methods approved as international standards. To date, most of these procedures have targeted Management Information Systems software, while only a few were designed for real-time and reactive embedded software. In this paper, we propose a functional size measurement (FSM) procedure for real-time embedded software, based on the COSMIC method, version 3.0.1 (ISO 19761), and with requirements documented using the Simulink model. The design of this FSM procedure is based on the mapping of key concepts in both Simulink and COSMIC, and the identification of the mapping rules for extracting the information stored in the Simulink files that is required for measurement. This procedure therefore provides the foundation for automating the measurement of software requirements documented using Simulink. The background study for this procedure was conducted at Renault SAS using ECU (Electronic Control Unit) functional requirements expressed with the Simulink tool.

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