COSMIC FSM of Mobile Personal Health Records for Pregnancy Monitoring

Bachari, M., Idri, A., Fernández-Alemán,‎ J.L., Abran, A.

An empirical evaluation of the COSMIC method has been conducted in this study, by measuring the functional size of 17 mobile personal health records for pregnancy monitoring. The aim of this evaluation is to compare between the functional size of each app measured using the COSMIC method and the score the app obtained in a previous evaluation that relied on functions extraction using a quality assessment questionnaire. The findings of this study support the use of the COSMIC method for these apps in regards to measuring the functional size for further updates or improvements. In fact, it was noticed that the shift between the rankings of both evaluations was small for the majority of the selected apps. Moreover, the use of COSMIC is more effective since it covers the full features and functionalities of mPHRs for pregnancy monitoring.

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WorldCIST’19 – 7th World Conference on Information Systems and Technologies
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New Knowledge in Information Systems and Technologies, Springer, Vol 3., Chapter 3, pp. 24-33
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