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Abran, A., Vogelezang, F.W.

COSMIC, the Common Software Measurement International Consortium’s primary ‘products’ are open methods and guidelines. These are increasingly used by organizations all over the world for vital economic decisions. Given this situation, the COSMIC organization accepts its obligations to ensure that:
• its products are properly supported;
• as an organization we remain accountable and responsive to the needs of our users and that we must ensure long-term support of our products.
The COSMIC organization commenced its work in 1998 and grew informally (though it is incorporated in Canada). Now that it operates globally, it needs to become a more open and democratic organization. The first version of the Constitution (published in 2011) recognized that the organization continues to rely on unpaid efforts by volunteers and that finding and appointing individuals to a position of responsibility in the organization happens mainly by personal contact. For the past years, COSMIC continued to be managed as an informal organization and the first Constitution was therefore a very basic document. We expected that the Constitution would evolve over time and this second version includes now the creation of an executive committee to direct and manage the COSMIC group.
At present, the Constitution formally recognizes the Officers, the members of the International Advisory Council (IAC), the members of the Measurement Practices Committee (MPC), and its Permanent Functions. But besides these, many other people make valuable contributions to the COSMIC organization. Their contributions are recognized in the various publications.
Currently, COSMIC has no formal User Group. Anyone wishing to contribute to the work of the COSMIC organization should contact a member of the International Advisory Council or any member of the executive committee (either directly by email or via the ‘cosmicon’ site).

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