CompSize: Automated Size Estimation of Embedded Software Components

Lind, K., Heldal, R., Harutyunyan, T., Heimdahl, T.

Accurate estimation of Software Code Size is
important for developing cost-efficient embedded systems. The
Code Size affects the amount of system resources needed, like
ROM and RAM memory, and processing capacity. In our
previous work, we have estimated the Code Size based on CFP
(COSMIC Function Points) within 15% accuracy, with the
purpose of deciding how much ROM memory to fit into
products with high cost pressure. Central in that work is the
mapping between CFP and the information available early in
the development process. We have previously defined a UML
Profile capturing the information needed for CFP
measurement and estimation of Code Size. The key idea was to
extend UML components to contain all the necessary
information. In this paper, we show how we developed a tool
for automated estimation of Code Size based on our UML
Profile. The tool is designed to permit Code Size estimation
based on other UML diagrams than components. A case study
evaluates the UML Profile and the tool in a realistic case.

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